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Rely on us for commercial carpet installation services in Oakley & Concord, CA

Carpet tiles are a great option for offices, stores, casinos and all kinds of commercial facilities. That's why Optimum Flooring offers top-notch carpet installation services in the Oakley & Concord, CA area. We can complete an all new commercial carpet installation or replace torn sections with new carpet tiles.

Learn more about the benefits of carpet tiles

Wondering what kind of flooring to put in your commercial facility? Customers love our commercial carpet installations because our carpet tile:

  • Is available in many colors to match any style
  • Comes in square tile and herringbone patterns
  • Can be glued down for an easy installation
We'll take care of all the preparation and demolition work as needed. Our team can install carpet tiles in buildings of any size, including large offices and hotels. Call us today to schedule an appointment for carpet installation services.

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Explore our process for installing carpet

No one wants to walk across a carpet that looks and feels gross. With our residential and commercial carpet installation company serving Oakley and Concord, CA, you and your guests won't have to experience that. When you request our carpet installation services, we'll:

  • Respond to your request promptly and provide a free estimate
  • Get the carpet tiles you've requested and show up at the job site
  • Install your new carpet tiles properly without cutting any corners
  • Clean up after ourselves and make sure you're satisfied with the results
See what a difference we can make with our carpet installation services. Reach out to our residential and commercial carpet installation pros today to get started.